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2014 – 09 – 25: Day Two – Fall colours in Muskoka - Port Severn to Parry Sound

From Six Mile Lake Provincial Park 
To Oastler Lake Provincial Park, Parry Sound
Scenic route driving distance:  148  KM 

I woke up early and chilled.  It got good and cold overnight, and feeling chilly is what woke me up.  I think I should have used both sleeping bags…but when I fell asleep it was not that cool.  Since I was already awake I decided to get up. It was still dark!  

Sunrise over Six Mile Lake 
As I walked along the road leading to the rest facilities I saw the bright planets still visible in the pre-dawn sky.  Then I walked over to the beach on Six Mile Lake and watched the sunrise, lovely shades of orange, until the sun rose above the tree line and full daylight revealed.

I boiled some water for oatmeal and tea and after eating my breakfast I packed up. I did not go take a shower because it was too cold must remember to shower in the evening when it is still warm.

 View to Little Lake, Port Severn
looking north from the lock entrance 
It wasn't even 8am when I left the camp ground and drove to Port Severn.   I parked and then took a walk to see the lock that in the days before cars made more recreational land
The Lock bypasses these rocky rapids 
available above the falls where the waters come cascading from Little lake into Severn Sound.  

Port Severn Park 

It was just a short drive to Port Severn Park and another view to Little Lake.

Port Severn Park had this lovely stone wall so I stepped up onto it and ran from end to end just as I would have done as a child.  The feeling foolish moment lasted only for the first few steps and then I got into the joyous moment of just playing.

I heard this thumping sound and looked up to see a woodpecker hard at work on a branch high up in the tree.  I got some pictures and some video            

I took country road 5 to Honey Harbour  and was at the dock for the boat to Georgian Bay Islands National Park by 9:30
While preparing a picnic lunch I was stung by yellow jacket wasp.  It was such a sharp pain that I yelped just as a reflex to the bite.  I took some antihistamine right way and even considered taking some pain tablets.  I don’t think I have ever had such a painful sting before. 

As I waiting at the “Day tripper” kiosk the park ranger came over to talk to me.  He told me that after Labour Day there is no boat trip on Wednesday or Thursday.   I must have missed seeing that on the web page. 

Gibson Lake 
So I decided to go on to the next day’s Itinerary  and started the drive to Parry Sound. 

On the way I went looking for Gibson River Provincial Park on country road 33.  I got all the way to the end of the road; which is where the map shows the park to be.  But there was no sign of any park.  

I did however find a boat launch site with a lovely view to Gibson Lake.   I sat on a conveniently locate rock and enjoyed sunshine the view and some reading.

Boat Launch area on Thee Legged Lake 
Then I drove on toward Parry Sound.  I stopped at Oastler Lake Provincial Park and got the instructions for the drive to Massassauga Provincial Park where I could at least see the boat launch area for Three Legged Lake. 
Scenic Road to Three Legged Lake 
Unfortunately this park is only accessible by boat.   

The drive to Three Legged Lake was very picturesque and I made several stops to take pictures. 

Railway bridge across Parry Sound Harbour 

From there I made my way to Parry Sound.   My first stop was to see the Railway Bridge across the harbour.  

Then I drove to Rose Point to see the single lane swing bridge to Parry Island.  

Stop lights at either end of the bridge control traffic.  

I took a short drive on Parry Island, which is an Ojibway (Wasauking) First Nation Reserve.   I was hoping to find the Band office to obtain permission to visit Deep Harbour, a ghost town on the island.  Unfortunately I did not find the Band office as the web site I visited did not list an address…and just driving about I did not spot it.

View toward Parry Sound from Pleasant Point 
From there I drove to Pleasant Point where I had a lovely view to the town of Parry Sound to the east as seen across Parry Sound Bay.  

Look Out Tower

Leaving the point,  I returned toward Parry Sound and followed the signs to the “Lookout Tower” by the Parry Sound Historical Museum.  

The tower used to be part of the fire watch tower system used to spot forest fires.  Now with airplane surveillance and satellites they have taken a place in history.  This one is open to the public.  (it has been rebuilt with safety barriers in place)  and if your are not afraid of heights, you can climb to the top for an amazing view to the Bay and surrounding areas. 

View to Parry Sound from the harbour

My next stop was the Parry Sound harbour.  Here I enjoyed a stroll along the pier and found myself a sunny place to sit and enjoy the view. 

(Boat tours to the 30,000 Islands are available from the harbour for those interested in exploring the islands.)

Sunset over Oastler Lake 

With the sun now low in the sky I made my way to Oastler Lake Provincial Park and got a delightful site with a view to the Lake.  

I took my folding chair to the waterfront and enjoyed the lovely view to the lake and the setting sun.

In the fading light I cooked my dinner and then went for my shower.  With darkness just settling in I climbed into my car and worked on my travel notes and pictures before reading some more of my book. 

My yellow jacket sting throbbed all day.  By evening it was swollen and hot to the touch.  It is really hurting, I took antihistamine as well as Ibuprofen for the pain.  It seemed like a really long time before the pain subsided a bit and I was finally able to get some sleep.  

Renate Dundys Marrello
2014 - 09 - 25 

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